16-26 February 2024
Dance-Theatre Residency / Anna Dego and Anna Stante (Italy)
17th February, 2pm-4.30pm – dance workshop, Al Crott, Poschiavo Info Workshop
25th February, 5pm – Il corpo del tempo, public rehearsal, Punto Rosso, Poschiavo
Il corpo del tempo Biografie Flyer

27 march – 5 april 2024
Dance Residency / Neil Höhener (Arbon)
30th march, 14pm-16.30pm – dance workshop, Al Crott, Poschiavo Info Workshop
4th april, 20.00pm – presentation work in progress, Al Crott, Poschiavo
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May 5th, 2024, ore 2pm-6pm
Festa Danzante Poschiavo – Piazza comunale
In collaboration with sConfini

10th-11th Mai 2024
Anton Lachky Company (Belgium)
Dance Festival Steps – Les Autres (The Others)
Palestre Scuole comunali Poschiavo
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23rd August 2024, 5.30pm
Klepsydra – Milena Crameri, Sergi Martinez, Bartosz Dopytalski, Giorgio Tinari, Federico Zeno Bassanese
In collaboration with Giardini Incantati

7th–16th November 2024
Dance residency / Federica Normanno (Chur)
9th November, 2pm-4.30pm – dance workshop, Al Crott, Poschiavo
15th November, 8pm – presentation work in progress, Al Crott, Poschiavo

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